Our Impact

These are the stories of the women and men of Eisenhower Fellowships, and the impact that the fellowship has made on their lives, organizations, professions, communities, countries, regions and the global community. For many, the change they experience is deeply personal, inspired by the cross-cultural relationships they build with other Fellows living the fellowship with them. They often cite these relationships and connection to the EF global network as being the impetus for a broadened worldview and a more global perspective. The fellowship increases their leadership capacity, provides greater clarity for their professional objectives, and helps them to better communicate their ideas.

Fellows complete the travel portion of their EF journey with greater connections, deeply engaged and ready to launch into action on a project inspired and nurtured by their fellowship. Many of them return home with a sharpened focus, newfound purpose, and that often leads them to change or re-orient their careers.

Eisenhower Fellows hail from all fields: government, business, civil society, science, technology, education, the arts and journalism. They are bound by their common mission of creating a world that is more peaceful, prosperous and just. These are our stories of impact.

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